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Asphalt Bitumen

The temperature can be controlled to 0.2ºC over the range – 25ºC to + 60ºC using a P.I.D. digital temperature controller, the CAL3200. Forced air over the heater and cooling fins and through the air duct in the rear wall ensures a uniform temperature throughout the cabinet. Defrost water drains via a pipe on the [Read More]

Mobile Rolling Straight Edge  (3 Meter) The Rolling Straight Edge is used for measuring pavement planeness. Rolled by one person along a highway, airport runway, or bridge surface, the unit detects, registers and logs results of  high and low areas that need to be ground or re-rolled. These results can be loged and down loaded [Read More]

The Bending Beam Rheometer, CRT-BBR measures flexural creep stiffness of asphalt binder at low temperatures (ambient to -40°C). A constant load is applied to the center of a small asphalt beam specimen, and the deflection of the beam is measured and recorded. Tests are quickly and easily set up and parameters input through the included [Read More]

Vacuum Pyknometer is used to determine the theoretical maximum specific gravity and density of noncompacted bituminous mixtures. Vacuum Penetrometer is used together with Sieve Shaker, Vacuum Pump and Vacuum Gauge to complete the test set. Percent air voids in compacted bituminous mixtures and the amount of bitumen absorbed by the aggregates can also be calculated [Read More]

The TAS-0120 Semi-Automatic Digital Bitumen Penetrometer is used to determine the penetration of bituminous samples under constant load, time and temperature. The Penetrometer consists of a cast iron base with coarse and fine levelling screws, a digital penetration measurement gauge 0.01 mm readability and a penetration timer unit. Start button of the penetration timer unit [Read More]

The TAS-0300 Saybolt Viscometer is used to determine empirical measurement of Saybolt Viscosity of petroleum products at specified temperatures. The viscometer can be used for temperatures between 21 to 99°C (70 to 210°F) The viscometer includes water-oil bath, stirrer, cooling coil, electric heater with digital thermo regulator, furol orifice, universal orifice, thermometer support and 2 [Read More]

The TAS-0130 Ring and Ball Test Set is used for determining the softening point of bituminous materials by ring and ball method. The apparatus is supplied complete with a Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirring System, Ring Holder and Assembly, 2 x Ball Centering Guides, 2 x 9.5 mm dia. Steel Balls, 2 x Brass Rings, [Read More]

Dynamic Shear Rheometer is a robust, easy to use and developed in close cooperation with SHRP researchers, the original DSR set new standards in asphalt testing technology offering precise and accurate unattended operation. In fact, the Superpave test protocols for binders were developed using this instrumentation and the Dynamic Shear Rheometer –DSR has remained the [Read More]

The TAS-0400 Ductility Testing Machine is used to determine the ductility of bituminous materials in a briquette mould by measuring the breaking elongation at a constant speed of 50 mm/min. It is designed for testing 3 specimens simultaneously. The Internal tank is made of stainless steel. The bath is fitted with an immersion heater in [Read More]

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