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Asphalt Bitumen

Mobile Rolling Straight Edge  (3 Meter) The Rolling Straight Edge is used for measuring pavement planeness. Rolled by one person along a highway, airport runway, or bridge surface, the unit detects, registers and logs results of  high and low areas that need to be ground or re-rolled. These results can be loged and down loaded [Read More]

Rifflers / Sample Splitters The use of a riffler/sample splitter is for rapid preperation of representative samples. Made of sheet metal. Each riffler/sample splitter is suppled with three metal receiving pans.                RIFFLER SIZES  Nuber of Slots      Slot Width 20 Slots         6,7 mm 20 Slots         7,0 mm 20 Slots        12,5 mm 20 [Read More]

Test Sieves The ranges of 75mm, 100mm and 200mm sieves are supplied with full-depth stainless steel frames. The 300mm and 450mm sieves are supplied with plated, mild steel frames. Woven wire and perforated plate sieves are manufactured from stainless steel mesh or plated mild steel.   A full range of diamond sieves in 100mm and [Read More]

Desiccator Desiccators with vacuum lid, Die pressed Neutral Glass with Porcelain Perforated plate and Glass Key Stopcock Available in 150mm, 250mm & 300mm I.D.               Desiccators with plain lid, Die Pressed Neutral Glass with Porcelain Perforated Plate. Available in 150mm, 250mm & 300mm I.D.

    Description: The new MT698 is a compact non-contact infrared thermometer with a response time of 150ms, providing fast, easy and accurate readings for most temperature measurements. The measured data can be interfaced with a computer via the USB cable which is supplied standard with the software. The MT698 has a 50:1 spot ratio [Read More]

Features:  • Heavy duty mild steel heating top with special coating  • Mild steel body treated for long term resistance to corrosion with an epoxy powder coated finish  • Unique body design to ensure maximum cooling airflow for the controls and wiring  • Suitable for continuous operation  • Variable energy regulator for optimum heat control [Read More]

Semi-Automatic Penetrometer Dial with 360 divisions corresponding to 0.1mm penetration steps.The instrument is secured to a cast alloy base and slides on the base’s upright.With an electro-magnetic system and timer in the base for the automatic stop and release of the spindle every 5 seconds. Power supply:220V, 50Hz, single phase.

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