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A standard Falling Weight Deflectometer (Pave®FWD-TM) is a trailer mounted non-destructive testing device used to determine the stress/strain parameters of pavements and sub-grades.    

Pave®LWD, Light Weight, 7.07kN The Pave®LWD Light Weight Falling Deflectometer provides a time and cost saving alternative to expensive static plate loading tests. It measures unbound material to quickly determine soil bearing capacity and compaction quality; and it enables the measurement of dynamic deformation modulus (Evd value) for soils, stone or other non cohesive material [Read More]

CBR/UCS/ITT/MARSHALL PRESS – AUTO Fully automatic sample tester for soils & asphalt.  The machine features a rigid two column frame with upper crossbeam, which can be adjusted in height and locked in position with locknuts.  This compression machine can perform California Bearing Ratio (CBR), UCS, ITT and Marshall tests. Data Acquisition software – optional. SANAS certificate of [Read More]

40L ,80L , 160L , 240L , 400L and 700L Heavy Duty Laboratory Ovens Designed For Our Harsh Working Environment. Digital Control Units which are extremely accurate. Heavy Duty Re-Enforced Shelves. Heavy Duty Handle with catch. 400L and 700L Ovens are supplied complete with 6 x Shelves, and are supplied on a caster wheel frame, [Read More]

Soil Dispersion Mixer For dispersing soil suspensions used in hydrometer method of testing sub-grade soils, heavy-duty mixer operates at a speed above 10,000 RPM (no load). Includes stirring apparatus with stainless steel paddle and chrome-plated dispersion cup with 4 sets of permanent interior baffles. Meets ASTM D422, AASHTO T88, EN 933-8.  

POCKET VANE SHEAR TESTER The pocket vane shear tester is often used in conjunction with pocket penetrometers to obtain approximations of shear strength of cohesive soils. This  apparatus, while similar in appearance to pocket shear testers sold by others, offers several advantages that more than compensate for its higher cost. All metal construction vs. plastic [Read More]

SAFE – GUARD YOUR LAB EQUIPMENT !   AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE STABILISER Our Automatic Voltage Stabilizers are designed to work in the most rugged and tempremental  conditions. They are best used on site laboratories where low and high voltage conditions are experienced frequently. FEATURES High Precision Single and three phase models Analogue display Fully automatic Minimal [Read More]

                                                                                                           4.5 Kg Hammer Model Type 882 (Classic) 4.5 Kg Clegg Impact Hammer 882 (Classic) fitted with precision accelerometer. Digital readout indicator type 882 fitted with single 9V battery in slide out drawer. Connecting cable, 50 Ohm impedance type CIST/BNC/09. Guide tube fitted with locking pin and chain.Check Ring (checks functionality). Operating Manual providing [Read More]

3500 Xplorer™ InstroTek Model 3500 Xplorer is a nuclear moisture density gauge designed to provide superior performance, with design experience and expertise that is unmatched in the industry and service that you have come to trust for over 10 years. The Model 3500 Xplorer features the most up to date electronics, extremely reliable surface mount [Read More]

Speedy Moisture Tester The New Speedy 2000 series of moisture testers combines time proven dependability of the calcium carbide pressure test procedure with the convenience of an electronic balance. Foundries and Ceramics – The moisture content of green and synthetic sands used in foundries, as well as slips and clays used in the ceramics industry, [Read More]

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