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Soils Hydrometer Equipment APPLICATIONS: Hydrometer testing sedimentation testing viscosity testing any other application where visibility of product is required SUITABLE INDUSTRIES:  Soil testing laboratories, Petroleum testing laboratories, Water Research laboratories SPECIFICATIONS: Epoxy coated electro-galvanised outer case brushed finish. Stainless steel interior which is acid resistant supplied as bath alone or with analogue or digital temperature [Read More]

Liquid Limit Device (LLD) With base that conforms to SANS specifications and removable brass bowl. The height of drop of the bowl may be adjusted via the hand crank mechanism. A built-in blow counter is supplied as standard. Grooving tool & calibration block are not supplied and must be ordered separately Accessories and spare parts: [Read More]

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Our DCP models have an 8 kg (17.6 lb) hammer to better evaluate weak soils.The DCP is primarily used to determine in place soil shear strength in road construction. It has a CBR range from less than 0.5 to 100% and bearing value range from 430 to 10,800 psf. The User’s Manual [Read More]

Features:  • Heavy duty mild steel heating top with special coating  • Mild steel body treated for long term resistance to corrosion with an epoxy powder coated finish  • Unique body design to ensure maximum cooling airflow for the controls and wiring  • Suitable for continuous operation  • Variable energy regulator for optimum heat control [Read More]

CBR/MOD Moulds & Accessories C.B.R. mould 152,4mm dia x 152,4mm C.B.R.collar 152,4mm dia x 70mm C.B.R. perforated Base Plate Annular surcharge weight with adjustable stem 4,536kg Penetration weight 5,56kg Straight – edge with bevelled edge Compaction Base Plate with Spacer Reliance manufactures according to TMH & SANS methods.

Sieve Shaker Mechanical 200/300  Mechanical Sieve shaker 200/300   This is an economical, portable, sieve shaker that holds up to  8 x 200mm Test Sieves plus lid & receiver or 5 x  300mm Test Sieves plus lid and receiver.   Clamping flat guide holding plate secures sieves in place. Support bars can be extended to [Read More]

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