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Digital-Rebar-Pull-Out-Force-Tester-280x231The apparatus are used for determining the bond strength between anchored reinforcing steel bar (rebar) and concrete and for checking anchorage performance in-situ. LPI Battary Operated Digital Readout Unit connected to a 30 tons capacity hydraulic jack and hand pump provides 1 % sensitive load or tensional strength value readings. TC-3190 and TC-3200 Digital Rebar Pull-Out Force Tester have a steel hydraulic cylinder.
TC-3210 Digital Rebar Pull-Out Force Tester has an aluminium hydraulic cylinder for ease of handling.
The apparatus is supplied complete with three different jaw sets which allows user to test anchorage rebar with different diameters. These jaws are made of high strength steel.

TC-3190 is supplied complete with:

  • 2 x jaw sets for 4-8 mm, and 10-20 m dia. rebars


TC-3200 and TC-3210 are supplied complete with:

  • 3 x jaw sets for 4-8 mm, 10-20 mm and 20-30 mm dia.

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