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DSR-Dynamic-Shear-Rheometer-280x231Dynamic Shear Rheometer is a robust, easy to use and developed in close cooperation with SHRP researchers, the original DSR set new standards in asphalt testing technology offering precise and accurate unattended operation. In fact, the Superpave test protocols for binders were developed using this instrumentation and the Dynamic Shear Rheometer –DSR has remained the most commonly used rheometer at State & Federal DOTs, as well as industrial asphalt laboratories around the world. Today, over 60% of asphalt rheometers in use throughout the world are these rheometers, making it not only the preferred choice, but also the industry standard when it comes to measuring the rheology of asphalt binders.

Building on the technology and success of original Dynamic Shear Rheometer, the CRT-DSRII offers even greater ease of use and better performance within a compact integrated unit. Because it is designed for asphalt and is only sold into the asphalt industry, the Dynamic Shear Rheometer CRT-DSRII is optimized specifically for asphalt. This means that it out- performs general purpose or adapted rheometers in terms of accuracy, throughput and ease of use.

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