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  1.  Candy stripe chrome leather
  2. Pig skin Candy stripe
  3. Candy stripe green reinforcing
  4. Candy stripe cowhide grain, leather palm
  5. 2″ Chrome double palm   4″ Chrome double palm  6″ Chrome double palm
  6. 8″ Chrome double palm  16″Chrome double palm
  7. 2″ Cuff green lined  4″ Cuff green lined
  8. 8″ Cuff green lined  16 Cuff green lined
  9. 2″ Cuff apron palm
  10. 8″ Cuff apron palm
  11. Beige VIP grain leather unlined
  12. Grey VIP grain leather key stone thumb
  13. Red heat glove Kevlar thread 8″ cuff
  14. Red heat glove Kevlar thread 16″ cuff
  15. 8″ Vika chrome leather blue reinforcing
  16. Pig skin boa lined
  17. Nomex heat glove

  18. PVC saftey cuff  med. weight red
  19. PVC kait wrist med. weight red
  20. Elbow length red med. weight
  21. Shoulder length red med. weight
  22. PVC saftey cuff extra heavy weight red
  23. PVC kait wrist extra heavy weight red
  24. PVC elbow length red extra heavy weight
  25. 40cm green double dip rough grip
  26. Orange freezer glove
  27. Black chip palm knitted wrist
  28. PVC saftey cuff re-inforced palm






















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