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Magnetic-StirrerHotplate-CRT-MSHOT-280x231CRT-MSHOT-600, with maximum speed 1300 rpm, volume stirred 15 litres (based on water contained in a 20 litre flat bottom flask) and temperature 300°C. Cast aluminium/silicon alloy hotplate 160 x 160 mm, accomodating beakers up to 5 litres capacity. With digital setting and control, via a brigh, fluorescent display which also simultaneously displays set and actual temperature to 1°C and speed to 10 rpm, separate safety circuit, dial setting, stirrer ‘on’ and heater ‘on’ warning indicators (the heater lamp flashes whilst plate temperature remains above 70°C). A PTFE-coated remote temperature probe which allows control of liquid temperature ± 1°C and up to 200°C is also provided and a facility for mounting a retort rod at the rear of the case. Dimensions (W x D x H) mm: 190 x 300 x 110; Weight 3.4 Kg.

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