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Asphalt Bitumen

    Sample Containers Tin   Three variants of Sample Containers namley slip on lid, paint tins and drums. Slip on Lid Containers 58g 500g 1000g Paint Tin 1 Litre 2 Litre 5 Litre Drums   10 Litre   20 Litre

           CUBE MOULDS              Available in different materials: Accurately machined cast iron and steel. High precision moulds.  Rigid plastic/polyurethane, stable and resistant, compressed air (2 bar) or water jet is sufficient for extrusion.     Cement Mould Cube 70mm/side Plastic – Three gang Cube 70mm/side Steel – Three gang Three gang prism mould [Read More]

Features:  • Heavy duty mild steel heating top with special coating  • Mild steel body treated for long term resistance to corrosion with an epoxy powder coated finish  • Unique body design to ensure maximum cooling airflow for the controls and wiring  • Suitable for continuous operation  • Variable energy regulator for optimum heat control [Read More]

ACV Mould Set Aggregate cruching value (ACV) ten percent fines value (TFV)  150mm Steel cylinder supplied with plunger, measure, baseplate and steel tamping rod  75mm ACV also available

Bulk Density Containers Round metal cylinders with handles. Flat bottom or round bottom. 3 Litres 5 Liters 7 Litres 15 Litres 30 Litres

Semi-Automatic Penetrometer Dial with 360 divisions corresponding to 0.1mm penetration steps.The instrument is secured to a cast alloy base and slides on the base’s upright.With an electro-magnetic system and timer in the base for the automatic stop and release of the spindle every 5 seconds. Power supply:220V, 50Hz, single phase.

CBR/MOD Moulds & Accessories C.B.R. mould 152,4mm dia x 152,4mm C.B.R.collar 152,4mm dia x 70mm C.B.R. perforated Base Plate Annular surcharge weight with adjustable stem 4,536kg Penetration weight 5,56kg Straight – edge with bevelled edge Compaction Base Plate with Spacer Reliance manufactures according to TMH & SANS methods.

Sieve Shaker Mechanical 200/300  Mechanical Sieve shaker 200/300   This is an economical, portable, sieve shaker that holds up to  8 x 200mm Test Sieves plus lid & receiver or 5 x  300mm Test Sieves plus lid and receiver.   Clamping flat guide holding plate secures sieves in place. Support bars can be extended to [Read More]

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