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Sample Bags & Ground Sheets

Plastic Sample Bags

  • Plastic Sample Bag – Indicator(300mm x 400mm x75mic)
  • Plastic Sample Bag – Black Large (560mmx860mmx150mic) 50 Kg
  • Plastic Sample Bag – Clear LD Bags(200mm x 300mm x 50mic)
  • Plastic Sample Bag – Clear LD bag (300mm x 450mm x 50mic)
  • Plastic Sample Bag – Clear LD bags(600mm x 900mm x 35mic)

PVC Sample Bags

  • PVC /Nylon Bag Large 750 x 500mm
  • PVC/Nylon Bag Small   500 x 250mm

Ground Sheets

  • PVC/Nylon Ground Sheet 1m x 1m
  • PVC/Nylon Ground Sheet 2m x 2m

We can customize any sample bag for your applications!

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