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ABA-Asphalt-Binder-Analyser1-249x231The Asphalt Binder Analyser CRT-ABA has user friendly design and is fully compliant with the latest standards
Cooper Technology is proud to offer Asphalt Binder Analyser CRT-ABA. The ABA Asphalt Binder Analyser is used to determine the asphalt binder content of hot mix asphalt/bituminous mixtures by the method of loss on ignition. The Asphalt Binder Analyser combines a sophisticated furnace and weighing system to continously measure the weight loss of a bituminous mixture during combustion and automatically calculates its binder content at the end of the test. It comes with automatic door locking during testing which cannot be disabled by the interruption of the power supply once the test has commenced. Also, independently controlled afterburner significantly reduces furnace emissions, as specified by the test standards.

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