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General Laboratory Equipment

CRT-MSHOT-600, with maximum speed 1300 rpm, volume stirred 15 litres (based on water contained in a 20 litre flat bottom flask) and temperature 300°C. Cast aluminium/silicon alloy hotplate 160 x 160 mm, accomodating beakers up to 5 litres capacity. With digital setting and control, via a brigh, fluorescent display which also simultaneously displays set and [Read More]

We supply ASTM and IP Thermometers listed below which are in accordance with the specifications of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Institute of Petroleum (IP) and British Standards (BS). While these thermometers were designed for use in specific tests many of them are used in other applications when precision thermometers are required

We offer wide range of high quality ISO 3310-2 compliant perforated plate test sieves. Our range covers 200, 300, and 450 mm diameter sieves. Perforated plate sieves are made on CNC Punch Press, which gives total quality control and ensures the sieves that we offer are all manufactured with their exact apertures, right in the [Read More]

The multipurpose compact bench scales have all of the capabilities to produce precise results rapidly for a variety of applications. With seven application modes, our compact bench scales are ideal scales to meet many industrial weighing needs. Portable and equipped with a rechargeable battery.

SAFE – GUARD YOUR LAB EQUIPMENT !   AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE STABILISER Our Automatic Voltage Stabilizers are designed to work in the most rugged and tempremental  conditions. They are best used on site laboratories where low and high voltage conditions are experienced frequently. FEATURES High Precision Single and three phase models Analogue display Fully automatic Minimal [Read More]

Features – 16+ Weighing units (including one custom unit) – Selectable digital filtering for animal / dynamic weighing – Adjustable filters – Simple user-friendly operation – Full range tare – Zero Tracking – Date and time – Multilingual display – Large backlit display with dual text prompts – Capacity tracker – Large stainless steel pan [Read More]

Features · Zero adjust facility to enable zero reading · Built-in memories for storing products and settings · 3 settings for heating sample fast ramp up, step and standard · Automatic test start setting for when the lid is closed · Date and time · Zero Tracking · Full range tare · Quick and easy [Read More]

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