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Particle Size Analysis

Speedy Moisture Tester The New Speedy 2000 series of moisture testers combines time proven dependability of the calcium carbide pressure test procedure with the convenience of an electronic balance. Foundries and Ceramics – The moisture content of green and synthetic sands used in foundries, as well as slips and clays used in the ceramics industry, [Read More]

Hand Soil Augers Bucket Auger (Thompson type) A highly versatile general purpose auger, especially effective in hard and dry soils. These augers will drill into highly compacted soils with little difficulty. Standard thread coupling Tough, high-quality steel bail and barrel New design high carbon spring steel bits Unbeatable and unbreakable   Dutch Auger (Edelman type) [Read More]

Flakiness Gauge   Flakiness gauge according to TMH 1 Method B3  (BS 812) Min Length of Slot  Width of Slot 150,0mm 37,5mm 126,0mm 31,5mm 106,0mm 26,5mm 75,0mm 18,75mm 53,0mm 13,25mm 38,0mm 9,5mm 26,4mm 6,7mm 19,0mm 4,75mm 13,4mm 3,35mm                             Flakiness gauge according [Read More]

Rifflers / Sample Splitters The use of a riffler/sample splitter is for rapid preperation of representative samples. Made of sheet metal. Each riffler/sample splitter is suppled with three metal receiving pans.                RIFFLER SIZES  Nuber of Slots      Slot Width 20 Slots         6,7 mm 20 Slots         7,0 mm 20 Slots        12,5 mm 20 [Read More]

Test Sieves The ranges of 75mm, 100mm and 200mm sieves are supplied with full-depth stainless steel frames. The 300mm and 450mm sieves are supplied with plated, mild steel frames. Woven wire and perforated plate sieves are manufactured from stainless steel mesh or plated mild steel.   A full range of diamond sieves in 100mm and [Read More]

Sieve Shaker Mechanical 200/300  Mechanical Sieve shaker 200/300   This is an economical, portable, sieve shaker that holds up to  8 x 200mm Test Sieves plus lid & receiver or 5 x  300mm Test Sieves plus lid and receiver.   Clamping flat guide holding plate secures sieves in place. Support bars can be extended to [Read More]

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