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PaveProf V2.0 – High Speed Profilometer



Pave®Prof is a modular system that uses 3D laser sensors to measure pavement profiles for applications such as highways and runways. It measures surface roughness, texture and rutting at highways speeds and to international standards. The design consists of modular components and software – from a single laser and accelerometer system (for single wheel path measurements) to the complete system consisting of up to 21 fully integrated lasers (for full transverse highway measurement).

It is capable of real-time continuous measurements of longitudinal and transverse profile, rut depth and macro texture. These values can be used to calculate ride comfort, surface friction and surface noise generation to international standards. The inherent flexibility, accuracy and reliability of Pave®Prof helps to deliver improved highway and runway surfaces and reduces the risk of accidents which can result from poor surface conditions.





The PAVE®Prof range of profilometers enables true ASTM Class 1 profiling of road surfaces at all collection speeds. Results are displayed visually in real time on a user-friendly interface which displays RN, IRI, MPD and SMPT calculations in real time. GPS and Gyro integration is also available as an option, to record and display the vehicle’s coordinates and geometry.

To ensure texture profiles are all captured accurately, each laser has a high speed of up to 110kHz, the vehicle’s speed is measured by a DMI encoder on the vehicle and built-in accelerometers compensate for suspension movement. For full transverse highway measuring, oblique sensors are available which have a 1,000mm measuring range giving measured road width up to 3.5 metres.

The control system is tested with speeds between 7km/h and 115km/h (70mph). Portable and lightweight options are available and the system can be combined with video surface imaging to record and measure cracks in the road surface.




The system is typically used in both the initial construction and also in monitoring and maintenance of pavements to calculate ride comfort, surface friction and noise generation. Applications include: New pavements – Pave®Rough measures new road surfaces to establish ride quality and surface smoothness. RN and IRI values can be measured quickly and easily to ensure consistent standards of construction and pavement quality levels. Existing pavements – installed on a highway vehicle capable of measuring at speeds of up to 115kmph (70mph), the system helps to identify any remedial action that may be required without disrupting the traffic flow or closing the highway.



Pave®Prof records and measures in accordance with: International Roughness Index (IRI); Profilograph Index (PI); Ride Quality Index (RQI); Half Car Ride Index (HRI); Ride Number (RN); Longitudinal Profile; MPD; SMPD and STD (Volumetric Measurement). Equipment is designed to meet or exceed the following ASTM standards:
• ASTM E-950 – Measuring the Longitudinal Profile of Traveled Surfaces with an Accelerometer Established Inertial Profiling
• ASTM E-1926 – Computing International Roughness Index of Roads from Longitudinal Profile Measurements
• ASTM-1845 – Calculating Pavement Macrotexture Mean Profile Depth
• ASTM-1489 – Standard Practice for Computing Ride Number of Roads from Longitudinal Profile Measurements Made by an Inertial Profile Measuring Device
• ASTM-1703 – Measuring Rut-Depth of Pavement Surfaces Using a Straight Edge

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