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The Masonry Saw has been developed to cut and prepare test samples of concrete, rock specimens and cores. It is available in three different models. Special clamp assembly allows specimens to be held during cutting operation. The machine is supplied complete with circulation water pump to suppress dust.

Concrete Impermeability Apparatus is used for the determination of the depth of penetration of water in to hardened concrete specimens under pressure. The system can test 150x150x150 mm cube. Pressure to the sample, up to 12 bar with 0.2 bar precision is generated by compressed air applied to the integral water tank and controlled by [Read More]

Concrete Mortar Penetrometer is used for determination of setting time of the mortar fraction of fresh concrete. The apparatus consists of a spring loading device which is graduated from 2 to 150lbs, supplied complete with a set of needle points of 645, 323, 161, 65, 32, and 16 mm². A sliding ring indicates the load [Read More]

The 0650 Air Entrainment Meter is used to determine the air content of fresh concrete. It consists of a flanged 7 litre capacity cylindrical vessel and cover assembly incorporating a large (90 mm dia.) pressure gauge, air pump and valves. It has a quick action clamping system. Direct pressure gauge reading to the nearest 0.1% [Read More]

The 0580 Compacting Factor Apparatus is used to determine the compaction factor of concrete with low, medium and high workability. Comprising two conical hoppers having a hinged trap door attached to the lower end of each hopper, allowing the concrete sample to flow freely into the cylindrical mould. The hoppers and the mould are mounted [Read More]

The TC-0560/E Vebe Consistometer is used to determine the consistency of fresh concrete by subjecting the concrete specimen to vibration after removal of the slump cone. The assembly is mounted upon a small vibrating table operating at a fixed amplitude and frequency. The time to complete the required vibration gives an indication of the concrete [Read More]

Slump Measurement Test Set is used for the determination of the consistency, the medium and high workability of fresh concrete. The set consists of slump cone, slump cone funnel, 600 mm long x 16 mm diameter tamping rod which is hemispherical at both ends, base plate, rubber mallet and steel rule. Supplied either galvanized or [Read More]

The apparatus are used for determining the bond strength between anchored reinforcing steel bar (rebar) and concrete and for checking anchorage performance in-situ. LPI Battary Operated Digital Readout Unit connected to a 30 tons capacity hydraulic jack and hand pump provides 1 % sensitive load or tensional strength value readings. TC-3190 and TC-3200 Digital Rebar [Read More]

The quality of concrete is mainly judged by its compressive strength directly affecting the load bearing capacity and durability of concrete structures. TC-3028 / TC-3030 Concrete Test Hammers (Schmidt Hammers N Type Economy / Standard) are used to measure the compressive strength characteristics of hardened concrete non-destructively, control uniform concrete quality and detect weak spots [Read More]

3000 Bartracker Concrete Covermeter is used to measure the thickness of concrete cover over steel reinforcement bars and metal pipes, furthermore it is also used to identify the location, orientation and diameter of reinforcement bars (rebar). The basic unit can be completed with a number of optional probes for various determinations. TC-3000 which uses the [Read More]

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