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Asphalt Bitumen

A high quality machine with which the user can easily and safely obtain accurate, repeatable results day after day Gyratory compaction is considered to be one of the best methods of laboratory compaction for the assessment of compactibility and the manufacture of test specimens. Compaction is achieved by the application of a vertical stress (normally [Read More]

A low cost, accurate beam testing system which facilitates the rapid throughput of modulus and fatigue tests Bending tests are widely used for measuring the stiffness modulus and assessing the fatigue resistance of asphaltic paving materials. Four point bending tests are included in CEN, AASHTO and Chinese test specifications. The specimen is a prismatic beam [Read More]

PaveProf V2.0 – High Speed Profilometer Overview Pave®Prof is a modular system that uses 3D laser sensors to measure pavement profiles for applications such as highways and runways. It measures surface roughness, texture and rutting at highways speeds and to international standards. The design consists of modular components and software – from a single laser and accelerometer system (for single wheel path [Read More]

  DIGITAL MANOMETER An electronic vacuum gauge replaces hazardous mercury manometers.  Display range is 0-1000 mm Hg absolute, Resolution is 0.1 mm Hg. Accuracy is  ±0.5% full scale. 

SAFE – GUARD YOUR LAB EQUIPMENT !   AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE STABILISER Our Automatic Voltage Stabilizers are designed to work in the most rugged and tempremental  conditions. They are best used on site laboratories where low and high voltage conditions are experienced frequently. FEATURES High Precision Single and three phase models Analogue display Fully automatic Minimal [Read More]

Specifications: ~Epoxy coated steel exterior ~ Grade 304 stainless steel interior ~ Insulated all round with 50mm glass wool ~Front door hinged with cam lock handle ~With high temperature silicone rubber door seal around door ~ Interior uses series of internal baffle plates with forced air circulation ~With exhaust vent and hole for thermometer ~ Circular carriage [Read More]

Hydraulic Extruder – Universal Hand-operated with hydraulic jack, it enables the extrusion of  both Marshall & CBR samples from the moulds. Standard Marshall Extruder is also manufactured for the extrusion of  Marshall moulds only. Standard CBR Extruder is also manufactured for the extrusion of CBR moulds only.  

Automatic Penetrometer Testing the hardness of bitumen. Features LED Spot light, control circuit inside base, time display and penetration display windows and function key on display panel Needle rod release Fine Adjustment knob Time Setting:                                                 5 – 30 seconds Max needle penetration:                       500 Displace measure range:                       0 – 30mm [Read More]

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